Brillouin Energy Corp

Brillouin Energy Corp. is an innovative clean energy company working in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology. I began working with the company as outside financing counsel during its Series A round of financing and have since become its outside General Counsel, managing all legal issues that arise for the Company. In 2015 I added the role Director of Business Development, working on financing, strategic alliances and license agreements. I have managed equity investments for the company totaling over $9 million through the Series B round of financing. I led the negotiation of an international technology licensing agreement (Korea) and assist the company with its intellectual property strategy, working with engineers and outside patent counsel. I also led the negotiation of a Technology Research Agreement with SRI International and SRI continues to support the company’s development efforts. The company is working to replicate a successful 4X+ excess heat test it achieved in early 2015 on the way to developing a commercial boiler.

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