Back in 2006 when it looked like the US was about to embrace a carbon market, I co-founded, with Jane Capital Partners (, a company named Carbonflow, Inc. Carbonflow provided an integrated suite of software applications used by organizations worldwide to manage, monitor, and monetize emission reduction projects. I advised the Board of Directors in negotiating a term sheet for the company’s Series A financing with a group of venture investors lead by OVP Venture Partners ( and Clean Pacific Ventures ( I subsequently represented Carbonflow in the preparation and finalization of investment documents for the transaction including the Series A Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement, the Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation, incorporating the rights, preferences and privileges of the new class of stock, the Investor Rights Agreement, the Co-Sale Agreement and the Voting Agreement. I continued to represent Carbonflow as its General Counsel through its Series B financing and ultimately the sale of the company to key members of the management team, who continued to operate the company based in Europe, with headquarters in Switzerland.

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