Work With David

I have been a member of the California Bar since moving to San Francisco from New York in 1990. In 1997, I was named partner of a large international law firm. I became disillusioned with the bureaucracy of large firm practice and several years later I struck out on my own.

Since 2002 I have focused my energies on representing companies that are developing clean energy and environmental technologies. I believe this area remains ripe for major transformation and my goal is to be an active participant in that transformation. (See Why I Work).

My background is in corporate law, with a focus on mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and financing transactions. This necessarily includes securities law, especially as it relates to private securities transactions and M&A activity. I have also developed a focused expertise in intellectual property (IP) matters: patents, trademarks and copyrights. In this regard, I am primarily engaged in IP protection strategy and licensing.

I am co-founder and business advisor to a number of technology companies, and in this role I perform functions that fall outside of what is generally considered “lawyering”. I am often engaged in business development as well as overall business strategy, working with teams to steer the company to maximum success. Other activities that fall within this description include joint venture and partnership negotiation, license and distribution strategy development and financing initiatives.

My clients often request that I serve as General Counsel, in which role I manage all of the legal affairs for the company – with a concentration on my areas of expertise: M&A, financing transactions and IP protection – and always with an eye toward practical business concerns.

Because of my varied background and attention to business issues, I often also serve on Boards of Directors for my clients, where I can guide the company on all legal matters as well as providing input on larger business strategy concerns.

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