Work with David

“Manifesting ideas and technologies that advance the human spirit.”

I believe that human beings employing the scientific method can unlock Nature’s mysteries.  Maybe we will never find answers to the ultimate questions, but we can be successful in incremental ways.  And the more we are able to understand how things work, the more powerful we become.  This power can be used to alleviate suffering and to improve the standard of living of all humans on the planet, and it can also be used to raise us to ever new levels of attainment – both physical and spiritual.

The advancement of technology brings challenges, but it also holds the promise of new levels of attainment for all human beings.  Data-driven technologies are here to stay and spur continuous innovation and new business models.  Artificial Intelligence will cause disruptions in the way work is done but it will also have us rethink our assumptions about the economy and what is possible on a planet of finite resources.  Exciting developments in biotech include genetically based therapies, anti-aging and longevity research and progress in identifying and curing a whole host of diseases and breakdown of the human organism-machine.  Eventually humans and machines will develop an even deeper symbiosis as we strive for optimal enhancement of the human species.

We are also in the midst of a revolution in the way human beings produce and consume energy as renewables and other technologies phase out the fossil fuel era.  It is ironic that in a world composed of matter and energy, the freeing of energy for productive use has been such a challenge.  It is also ironic that the difficulties we face are largely due to our insistence on low-technology solutions.  We continue to employ perhaps the earliest known human technology (burning with fire) to generate the vast majority of the energy used in our otherwise technologically advanced civilization.

Tapping renewable energy sources is simply more elegant, more advanced, than burning fossil fuels.  And it brings us more power.  The more we understand and work within the balance of interconnecting forces that make up our world, the further we are able to evolve to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness. Living sustainably on the planet is the baseline from which all further development of humanity can begin.  Without it, no true progress is possible.

It is for these reasons that I focus my practice on serving companies advancing new technologies in the world and manifesting ideas that advance our conscious endeavors.  I believe in the future of humanity and work for its continuous betterment.

“David is a highly-accomplished lawyer who rapidly understood our business model and advanced legal solutions to enable us to efficiently reach our goals. His keen interest in the success of our business and great interpersonal skills make him an outstanding legal counsel.”

Brian Peace, CEO
BrashTech, Inc.